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Brine Chillers is a low temperature chillers are designed for Dx applications used to cooling glycol or liquid refrigerant low temperatures.

Brine chillers are a solution when cooling medium is water with glycol and this occures when low fruid temperature is demanded or glycol must be added to the cooling water in order to protect it from freezing. Being inexpensive, most common refrigerant brines are based on calcium chloride, sodium chloride, and glycols.The design includes a semi hermatic screw compressor or reciprocating compressor with internal / extranal motor , high efficiency malty stage oil seperation system, accumulator, evaporator, condenser and economiser Brine systems provide constant supply of chilled propylene glycol from -25oC / +7oC. Ethylene glycol can be also used but not in applications where glycol circuits can be Extensively used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food & beverage industry.

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