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We were contacted by a customer who had issues with a 2007 McQuay two system flooded chiller. The chiller utilised efficient technologies for its day of Electronic Expansion Valves, Compressor Soft Starters on McQuay’s own Screw Compressor.

We attended site where our now customer stated that the Original Carel PC01 Open Card’s compressor output relays were failing due to the constant Load / Unload Signals being switched to the compressor for capacity control. McQuay could not supply replacement cards or offer any type of controller retrofit. We saw the opportunity to retrofit MCS MAGNUM Controller with the latest Screw Compressor Software for intelligent control.

We received an order so attended site equipped with MCS MAGNUM full range of products and retrofitted the 4 chiller with 2 systems. The MCS MAGNUM controllers uses good quality Relays for the Load / Unload signals for compressor capacity control so eliminating future wear issues. The MCS MAGNUM control system was commissioned and handed back to our customer, extending chiller life a further 10 years with payback due to the controllers indigent controlling.

Installation of custom control panel for 30 year old Trane chiller. These control panels save 20-30% over factory panels. Microsoft Windows based software assures economical support for future upgrades. Can be interfaced with most major building automation systems. Fifteen inch touchscreen provides for simple interface with software graphics.


Upgrade your equipment to new standards.

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