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Many chiller owners plan to keep their equipment for the long run.Our retrofit chiller control system lets existing chillers operate at the newest standards of control performance, reliability and productivity.

Payback Modern

Digital controls have energy-saving options. Examples of the saving options include zero-error control, chilled-water reset control, and chiller soft loading. These options can pay for the chiller controls retrofit.

Smarter controls

For traditional chiller controls, safety protection is an all-or-nothing proposition. In the same situation, a Smart retrofit chiller controller unloads the chiller to avoid losing unit operation. Also, traditional chiller controls are notorious for their unwillingness to start a chiller after it has shut down. These present real problems for equipment rooms that are not manned for continuous operation. With a Smart controls retrofit, its smart timers can restart a chiller after a trip in as little seconds.

Replaces obsolete components

Chiller control parts do become obsolete. Upgrading to a complete new retrofit chiller control system means that new controls are installed. This eliminates controls obsolescence concerns.

A more reliable chiller

Chiller compressor has few moving parts. On the other hand, its controls are complex and have many moving parts. So, it’s no wonder that after 10 or more years, the reliability of the chiller controls can become irregular.

With a Smart controls retrofit, almost all the existing controls are replaced. As a result, you get a more reliable chiller.

Improved/more information

Traditional controls provide an operator with minimal information. With a Advance retrofit chiller controller, all pertinent performance data, such as heat exchanger fouling calculations, is displayed. Problems can now be anticipated or prevented rather than simply reacted to.

Building automation system controls

A smart retrofit chiller controller is a gateway to the larger capabilities of building automation systems. If your facility already has a building automation system in place, the smart retrofit chiller controls provide a way of integrating your chiller into a larger, existing control system.

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