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Renting, also known as hiring or letting, is an agreement where a payment is made for the temporary use of a good & service or property owned by another. We understand the requirements of corporate world and have an in depth knowledge important of the necessary hiring’s.

Our team consists of professionals who have rich experience in the industry and have knowledge to cater to every need of corporates

Our rental chillers (on hire) are best suited for various industrial applications& (as well as) commercial applications. These rental chillers can be used for events, exhibitions, commercial buildings, sort industrial manufacturing, automobile, food, beverages, pharma, chemical, etc.

We offer the air-cooled and water cooled chillers on rental or hire basis in sizes from 40TR to 300 TR. individual units

Atmosphere service policy are

Quick mobilization is possible for rental chillers
High skilled engineering team


HVAC Comfort Cooling

All types of HVAC comfort cooling applications

Supplemental cooling

We are Provide Best Chillers

Emergency response

We are Provide Best Chillers


Industrial/specific operating conditions

Food processing

We are Provide Best Chillers

Process cooling

We are Provide Best Chillers

Refinery and chemical

Refinery and chemical production projects

Scheduled outages

Scheduled outages and turn-around projects

Testing requirements

We are Provide Best Chillers

Standby services

We are Provide Best Chillers

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Our Promise With almost respect to human values ,we promise to serve our Customer With integrity through innovative value for money solutions
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